Video/Discussion: Pizza & Social Justice (Glen Ellyn)

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If you feel ready to engage in meaningful conversations about racism, what it looks like in the world and in ourselves, and what we must do to begin rooting it out, this is the place to come.

First Friday of the month at the McKee home, 6:30pm for pizza, a video to get us thinking, then full, frank and loving conversation. The goal is a stronger community. 

We will be listening to "Scene On Radio" podcast 
"Seeing White: S2 E8 - Skulls & Skins"

Scientists weren’t the first to divide humanity along racial – and and racist – lines. But for hundreds of years, racial scientists claimed to provide proof for those racist hierarchies – and some still do.

See you then!

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Nancy McKee

"Pizza & Social Justice" on the first Friday (Glen Ellyn)