Kerwin Charles - One Does Not Know Where and Insight Will Come From

Economist Kerwin Charles, the dean of Yale University’s School of Management, grew up in a small village in Guyana. In a recent interview on the podcast People I (Mostly) Admire, he offers a very thoughtful assessment of a variety of contemporary issues facing Black Americans. I think you will find the interview (approximately 40 minutes) worth listening to if you can find time. Among the topics he shares his thinking (and sometimes research) on are the following:

  • African American Culture Shock
  • Good Decision Making
  • Mass Incarceration and American Failure to Invest in Black Communities
  • Parenting
  • Public Health Interventions
  • Public Speaking
  • Race in Guyana
  • Race Specific Forces (Discrimination, Stigma, Occupational Exclusion, etc.)
  • Video Games (Where have all the young men gone?)
  • The Wealth Differential Between Black Families and White Families

The interview is contained in PIMA Episode 3, “One Does Not Know Where An Insight Will Come From”: