How Zillow Explains Education Inequity


This 48-minute podcast takes a deeper look at structural inequities in the K-12 school system in the United States that (like many other institutions across our country) have been exposed and brought glaringly to our attention by the pandemic we are experiencing. From decades-old school buildings to sputtering HVAC systems, COVID has revealed a legacy of racism that’s built into the physical infrastructure of education.

Some of us, especially the professional educators among us, may already be deeply familiar with the information shared by the journalists featured in this podcast. And for some of us the information shared will resonate with our lived experience as parents or our experience as students who have matriculated through the K-12 system in the U.S. In any case, I think this podcast does an excellent job of framing the issue of school inequity, documenting many of the ways it is continuing to foster systemic racism, and offers at least a few suggestions of ways to interrupt this process. In short, I think it would be well worth 48 minutes of your time.

It’s Labor Day weekend and the thoughts of millions across the country are focused on the re-opening of schools in the wake of a new wave in the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, a large portion of our school-age population is unvaccinated and still vulnerable to the virus. I hope you and yours remain safe and have a rewarding holiday weekend.

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