Next Pizza and Social Justice Meeting

Friday, August 2, 2024   
Pizza at 6:00 pm - Discussion at 7:00pm
The McKee Home in Glen Ellyn   

During the summer months (June thru August) we are suspending the 1st Tuesday & 3rd Monday meetings.  We plan to resume in September.  
Our 1st Friday meetings will continue as always at the McKee Residence, and will remain hybrid.

Podcasts are now Available on Pizza and Social Justice

You can listen here!

Our Inspiration

"One of the lessons the civil rights movement taught us is that we can desegregate the lunch counter, and we can desegregate the bus station and the airport and the courtrooms, but until we desegregate the kitchen table and until we desegregate the living room sofa, until we desegregate those places where loving is done and where friends are made and where we express those things that really matter, we will not have achieved the dream of bringing the human family together."

- Robert C. Henderson,
National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'i's of the United States,
Address to the Martin Luther King Jr. World Prayer
and Multicultural Day at the King Center.
January 17, 1994


 Our Mission

Pizza & Social Justice (PSJ) is a community organization dedicated to building a society free from racism and discrimination by fostering lasting relationships across all racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds; by recognizing bias in ourselves and our communities; and by working together to promote a more just society.

To achieve its mission PSJ employs education, discussions, guided conversations, social interactions and service projects designed to establish trust and build a sense of family in the communities it serves.  All of its programs are grounded in a fundamental belief that all humankind is one and that our diversity enhances our unity.


  Pizza and Social Justice Meetings

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Here you will find information on how to host your own Pizza and Social Justice meeting. It is about creating a safe space and support for having conversation that is long overdo.

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